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“We are the Bright Side” is a power trio alternative punk rock band hailling from Geneva, IL. Although they're surrounded by corn and Swedes, they know how to rock.

It all started when Joe and Regina met in Orchestra class at school and a little suggestion of jamming together became a full thrown band project. Joe and Regina have been playing together and writing songs for about two years now and the name of the band came to Regina in her sleep. The band currently has a whole album of original songs to its name and all of them are about things that has happened in a member’s life. The band has played in venues around Geneva, Batavia and St. Charles and even got the opportunity to play at the Congress Theater downtown Chicago. “We are the Bright Side” is all about going out and having some fun!

Joe Soldati - Guitar/Vocals
Regina Ramanauskas - Bass/Vocals
Marty Roman - Drums

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